Our bettyplum Toffee crumbs are tasty by themselves, but there are many other ways to use them!  So if you purchase our crumbs here or are just looking for ideas to use up the tidbits left at the bottom of the bag, here are a few of our favorite ideas. First - use them on ice cream or in milkshakes! Betty also made a delicious Toffee Ice Cream Cake Roll. Sprinkle them on chocolate frosting. We’ve enjoyed making Bourbon Toffee Heart Cakes and always sprinkle some toffee crumbs on our Chocolate Buttermilk Sheet Cake. You can use them as a layer in Toffee Trifles or roll your own truffles in the crumbs. We use crumbs of our Bourbon Pecan Toffee in pecan pie and cookies.

No dessert will be offended by the addition of bettyplum Crumbs!