“My husband and I travel the country in our RV and stop at towns everywhere always on the hunt for great English toffee. We have never tasted English toffee that we LOVED as much as Betty Plum’s! It is just how you dreamed English toffee should taste! Crisp and fresh and creamy. We couldn’t stop sampling hers at the “Show of Hands” in Chicago and our hunt for the best toffee ever is over since hers is the only that we’ll be ordering.” Lisa T. Schaumburg, IL

“Oh my goodness! So delicious!!! Too many years have gone by since I have had bettyplum toffee. Can I place my order for next year? :) So very delicious, it was like stepping back in time-being in Lanark. Thank you!” - Tara T. Anamosa, IA

"You will not want plain ice cream ever again!  If you want to live life to the fullest, top your ice cream with bettyplum Toffee Crumbs.  It will take your dessert experience to the next dimension!" - Randi D. Highland, Park, iL

"Wow, amazing. Very happy indeed. Your candy is the highest quality and freshest that I have experienced. They taste like I am in the kitchen with you" - John E.  Vernon Hills, IL

"I remember that a visit with Betty around the Christmas season would frequently end with a piece of toffee, or two, unless it was all gone."  - Dorothea R.  Lanark, IL

"I want it NOW" - Joe L.  Herradura, Costa Rica

"I would love to tell the world how wonderful it is, but I don't Twitter.  What can I do?" - Jane H.  Chadwick, IL

"I admit, if someone is coming over to my house, I will hide this so I don't have to share it." - Becky A.  Rockford, IL

"This is the most delicious toffee you will ever consume.  I am sure of it" - Anna C.  Marion,IL

"Wow, that English toffee is the best stuff I've ever had in my life!!" - J.B.  Oswego, IL. 

"The sure sign that the holidays have arrived" - Dan P.  Shannon, IL

"These ladies certainly have something special that only the "bettyplum" girls get - best toffee ever!" - Marybeth L.  Lanark, IL

"This stuff is good!  This stuff is so good that I almost feel naughty enjoying it!" - Tom A.  Rockford, IL

"This is the only toffee I have ever liked. I look forward to the holidays every year, and can't wait for my next batch." - Tamara H. Brookfield, IL